In the previous Provisioning Services High Availability Considerations blog, I spoke about placing your vDisks Local on the Provisioning Server. Now I will talk about placing your vDisks on a Windows Network Share.

Placing your vDisks on a Windows Network Share (CIFS)

Using a single Windows Network share (CIFS) to store the vDisks is a very easy way of implementing a central vDisk store at minimal cost.

What should we consider with this solution?

  • There is no redundancy for file server outages (all PVS Target Devices stop responding).
  • Limited scalability to support a increasing number of Target Devices.
  • I/O for vDisk input (loading from the share) and vDisk output (delivering to the Targed Devices) is handled by the same network link. This affects the overall performance of the solution.

What are the recommendations?

  • Network Interface Card (NIC) – Teaming should be used to increase the reliability and the I/O between PVS Servers, File Server and Target Devices.
  • Where feasible dedicated NICs should be used for loading the vDisks and for delivering the vDisks to the Target Devices.

The following diagram outlines a basic Provisioning Services + Windows File Share (CIFS) architecture:

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