As an Exam Developer at Citrix, there is one question I get all the time: “How can I prepare for a Citrix exam?” My answer is always the same: “Read the Citrix Preparation Guide for the exam (formally known as the Exam Enablement Guide). The Preparation Guide contains everything you need to know about the exam, including which materials to study in order to prepare for it.”

There are a few other things you need in order to succeed when you take a Citrix exam:

What’s in the Preparation Guide?

A ton of useful information including the following:

  • Sample questions – types of questions to expect on the exam
  • Percentage Weightings of the major domains covered on the exam – which areas to focus on as you study for the exam
  • Objectives covered on the exam – statements describing how each of the topics identified for inclusion on the exam will be tested
  • Recommended Experience – how much real world hands-on experience you will need in order to be sufficiently prepared for the exam
  • Preparatory Course(s) – a list of recommended courses to take in order to prepare for the exam and at times courses required in order to complete the certification requirement
  • Resources used to develop the exam content – where the exam questions are taken from like courseware manuals, Knowledge-based articles, forums and other publicly available materials

How is the Preparation Guide useful?
Where do I start? With the wealth of information in these guides at your disposal, you will never worry about taking a Citrix exam again.
First, let’s start with the exam objectives. Each question is written to an objective. By providing you with the objectives, Citrix is giving you the most valuable tool you will need in order to study for all the possible questions that could be on the exam. This is how it works. Let’s say you came across this objective: “Based on a given scenario describing the need to install a specific XenApp Plug-in, determine the XenApp Plug-in to install.” For all the questions written to this objective, you can expect to see:

A “scenario describing the need to install a specific XenApp Plug-in”

Scenario: XenApp was recently implemented in an environment. A Citrix Administrator in the environment needs to tell the end users which XenApp plug-in to install in order to access their XenApp resources. The end users in the environment will need to access their hosted applications from Web Interface.

And a question that requires you to “determine which XenApp Plug-in to install”

Which XenApp Plug-in should the administrator instruct the end users to install?

It’s that simple!
In addition, there are preparatory courses listed in the exam Preparation Guide that are recommended trainings for you to take. There are lots of qualified Citrix Certified Instructors who are ready to prepare you for any of our Citrix exams. Citrix also offers self-paced online training, so if you cannot attend a traditional training workshop, you could purchase self-paced training and learn on your own. You could also self study the courseware manual and administrator guides.
What if I don’t have time to study?
Well, do you have time to work? Because if you do, your hands-on work experience can potentially help you pass an exam. In addition, if you value the certification you will take the appropriate steps to pass, which include studying. With the Preparation Guide before you, studying for a Citrix exam is fun and easy. It is like using a cook book to prepare a meal; using the cook book doesn’t automatically guarantee a tasty meal, so you have to follow the instructions in the cook book to the letter. If you follow the Preparation Guide and understand the information included on the exam, you will have a better chance of succeeding on the exam.
Isn’t it easier to just download the exam from a brain dump?

Yes, it is; but it is also a huge risk. Moreover, it is also self-deceiving. Citrix has a team of security experts patrolling the web using a very sophisticated statistical tool looking for cheaters. Those who are suspected to have cheated will be investigated, and if upon the completion of the investigation it is determined that they indeed cheated, they will end up having their exam results annulled. That means, at the very least, you will not pass anyways and/or at the very worst, you could be restricted from taking other exams in the future. You don’t want to be a victim; simply stay away from such brain dump sites. Plus, Citrix has begun refreshing exams constantly, so there is no guarantee that the exam you download is still valid. Furthermore, wouldn’t you be proud of yourself if you actually studied, took the exam and passed?

  1. Would you like to work with co-workers who cheated, obtained a certification and don’t know what they are doing? 
  2. Would you like to report to a senior engineer or administrator who cheated his or her way to the top and doesn’t know what he or she is asking you to do?
  3. Would you risk being caught? Citrix decertifies and bans cheaters, and also notifies their employers. In addition, if you are required to maintain Citrix certification in order for your employer to maintain a certain customer or partner status with Citrix, your employer will lose that status.

The next time you plan to take a Citrix exam, please remember to use the Preparation Guide. Please read it and understand what the exam covers and what you will need to study. Upon reading the Preparation Guide, if you still have additional questions, send an email to Someone from Citrix Education will respond to your email within 72 hours.