Hopefully by now you will have noticed that the Access Essentials name has changed to XenApp Fundamentals, so the big question is – why didn’t we just call it XenApp Essentials ?

It might not surprise you that I’ve been asked this a LOT over the last couple of months.  The answer however is a little more surprising – it is all down to going global!  Whilst the global economy is the worst that we’ve experienced since the birth of modern computing, it’s  a well kept secret that SMB customers are still spending on IT.  It was recently noted by Forrester that  “SMB IT spending will grow 3.2% in 2009 (vs. a decline of 3% overall)“.
That’s why we are defying the recession and expanding our markets with XenApp Fundamentals.  By taking XenApp Fundamentals to China, we are localising a Citrix product in Chinese for the first time, and quite simply Fundamentals translated better than Essentials! 

Coming back to the point of SMBs defying the recession, it’s a theory I’ve had for a while (well, actually borrowed from Darwin) and one which was recently validated by a partner so I thought it was worth sharing.  There are over 50 million SMBs worldwide, and in times like these one of Darwin’s strongest theories comes into play – survival of the fittest.  SMBs that grasp the opportunity, and use technology to gain a competitive edge, are the ones that will win.  Those that drastically cut costs in an attempt to maintain profitability are unlikely to survive as customer service generally suffers.

Many of our XenApp Fundamentals customers demonstrate the fundamental   - (pun intended )  impact that delivering real-time application access to anyone, anywhere can have.  For example, Trevor Jones, a thriving accountancy firm in the UK, increased its billable hours by 33% by enabling greater employee productivity. Another SMB, a recruitment company, increased its connectivity by 40% even though they already had a VPN, which had a significant impact on their customer service. The stats sound great don’t they, but put simply, SMB customers can actually gain strength and market share by using technology that enables its people to work more productively.

So back to that partner who confirmed my theory – they had a customer that purchased XenApp Fundamentals and it had such a positive impact on their business, they were able to gain a significant competitive advantage. They went on to use the solution as part of their expansion strategy by delivering their existing systems to their newly acquired competitors. It is no surprise, they’ve quickly outgrown the 75 user limit and are now upgrading to XenApp Enterprise!

So there you have it, the secret is out. SMBs are where it’s at, especially those who have the  vision to see this downturn through.  My other secret is that we have recently launched a new Citrix SMB partner portal (well, it’s not so much of a secret now that 400 of you are already using it). Here you’ll find everything you need to sell XenApp Fundamentals, including some fantastic new technical training and marketing campaigns.  Check it out at www.citrix.com/partners/smb   and if you have a XenApp Fundamentals customer you would like to shout about, let’s do it! Just let us know !!!

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