Netscaler 9.1

Citrix NetScaler 9.1 Classic and nCore are now RTW – Release to Web, and are available to all customers via the Downloads section of the support site.

Download it here.

What’s New:
NetScaler Licensing Update – Starting May 25, all NetScaler appliances that are shipped from Citrix no longer contain pre-installed licenses. Reference “How To License NetScaler Appliances using the Activation System/Manage Licenses Tool on” in the Knowledge Base (CTX121062) or contact Customer Service.

Release 9.1 Classic only:

  • Support of New MPX 5500, 7500 platforms (8.1 build 65.5 and later are also supported on these new platforms)
  • NetScaler Web 2.0 Push
  • GSLB
  • AppFW

Release 9.1 nCore only:

  • NetScaler nCore software ( is currently intended only for use on the NetScaler MPX 15000 and MPX 17000 appliances. All other NetScaler appliances should use Release 9.1 Classic.

Citrix® NetScaler® nCore™ technology is a high performance, parallel-processing architecture that efficiently leverages multi-core technology to scale to meet the requirements of the most demanding Web applications.

The performance and scalability benefits enabled by nCore technology have significance for both current and future Web application delivery requirements. nCore technology provides:

  • Better performance for Web 2.0 and rich Internet applications
  • Improved ability to handle large traffic spikes
  • Expanded capacity to support more users and more applications
  • An all-in-one platform for Web application delivery requirements: L4-7 load balancing, caching, GSLB, compression, SSL VPN, SSL offload, application security, performance monitoring and more.

For complex layer 7 workloads that tend to be more CPU intensive, nCore technology provides up to a sixfold improvement. Applications needing to support many concurrent users will benefit from a sevenfold improvement in concurrent connections.

For more information on the NetScaler 9.1 product release, especially for 9.1 Classic and nCore supported features, visit the Release Notes under General Documentation section at
If further assistance is required, contact the Customer Service representative in your area.

Download Details:

The FCS build is available for download from the following locations:

Via MyCitrix: > Home > Support > Downloads > NetScaler

Employees and customers with valid ANG maintenance contracts who have requested/received MyCitrix login credentials will be able to view and retrieve files from this location.

Via FTP:

If you do not have access to this folder, login credentials for this site are available through Technical Support.

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