New versions of the XenApp Cloning Tool v1.3.2 & Cloning Tool Configuration Plugin v1.1.7 have been released over on CitrixTools,

These new versions introduce Full EdgeSight Agent support for provisioned XenApp Environments
and advanced features to deliver real “Swing” provisioned XenApp Servers

Here is what news in these releases:

  • Full Provisioning Server 5.1 Support (4.5 and 5.0 are also supported)
  • Full EdgeSight Agent Support within provisioned servers
  • New “Execute Only when in Shared Image” feature (for Provisioning Server)
  • Fully automated Provisioning Server Client Disk Cache initalization
    and format with optional EdgeSight * persistent data folder creation
  • GUI settings will now be retained at next start to ease image modifications process
  • Enhanced Citrix Portable Profiles Support
  • Enhanced Code for faster execution
  • Provisioning Server Image Tuning (Offload and TCP Chimney will be turned off and services timeout increased)

To learn more about these tools please click the below link: