Growing up in Miami,Florida, I was naturally exposed to fishing. Although I was just a young girl, I can recall my father placing bait on a hook (I was too squeamish to do this myself) just before I casted a line with my rod, anxiously waiting for a bite. I wondered where the fish hung out, which was the best spot to find them, and if the water would be clear enough for me to see the bottom, where hopefully there would be interesting rocks, vegetation, and cool, colorful fish. 

Now at Citrix, I’ve had the opportunity to work behind the scenes on our partner web portal, My Citrix. Coming on board, there was a lot to do in the way of reorganizing the pages and making the left-hand navigation more clear. It seemed that the build consisted of a long string of stand-alone pages that pretty much started with a different letter, one for each in the alphabet. We weren’t sure who was seeing what exactly and more importantly perhaps, who was missing what because they couldn’t see some pages.

So partners were fishing for content amidst a very wide-spread seaofweb pages and links, unsure where the best watering hole really was for what they were hoping to catch. Action was needed. The fishermen, I mean partners, needed a more streamlined My Citrix. With the help of our Geo channel managers, other folks in the worldwide channel department, who fortunate for me, reside in Fort Lauderdale where I am, and key individuals from other business units that have offerings for partners, there are now 7 main categories that make up My Citrix content outside of the Toolbox.  

My Citrix

7 Categories (left nav links) 

Think of these categories as the Seven Seas. Whether you’re casting nets, trolling, or spear fishing, you can find content and resource material throughout My Citrix by first determining which ocean is most likely to have what it is you’re looking for. Then once you make sail, navigate the rest of the pages by looking at the “Inside” box – this is your porthole to that section’s build.  

So plot your course, whether by channel markers, the North Star, or your business plan, and get ready to sale the 7 categories, where in My Citrix, you’ll find product updates of particular interest, a bountiful landscape rich with Key Play marketing kits, and your picking of resource material to serve as a very tasty catch of the day.