The newest version of Citrix Provisioning Services has been released, the current version is now 5.1
You may have also noticed that it is called Services now as opposed to just Server. I think this was a good idea, it reflects more of what PVS is as opposed to it just being a Server.

You can download the latest version from the Citrix Downloads section below:

Here is a list of whats new in this Release:

  • Standard Image Mode NIC Teaming
    Ability to use NIC teaming drivers for Broadcom and Intel NICs to setup ‘teams’
    on PVS Target devices.
  • Offline vDisk Maintenance
    Ability to boot PVS VHD files directly within Windows Virtual Server and Hyper-V.
  • User Assigned Virtual Disks
    vDisks are assigned to existing user groups rather than machines.
  • Offline DB Support
    Ability for PVS to continue to boot and run Target devices if the database
    becomes unavailable.
  • Multiple Partition vDisks
    Ability to create vDisks that include multiple partitions (e.g. both a C: and D:
  • Server Maintenance Mode
    Ability to initiate failover of all Target devices attached to a particular PVS Server
    to other servers in the PVS farm.
  • Enhanced Logging
    Enhancements to our current logging both on the server and the Target devices.
  • Auditing
    Ability to keep a log of actions performed by system administrators.
  • Read-only vDisk Storage
    Modifications that allow a vDisk to be stored on a read-only file system.
  • XP Embedded Streaming
    Ability to provision MS Windows XP Embedded.