In between attending events on my visit to Europe for the PubForum conference in Dublin and the TechEdge conference in Munich, I was able to squeeze in a visit to the Citrix Chalfont office in the U.K. the office is located on the outskirts of London at Chalfont Park near St Peter Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire. Simon Frost was kind enough to be my host for my visit to the office, and me being the explorer figured it would be great to travel to the office using the Overground Railway as opposed to the Underground (The Tubes) which don’t go there. Simon gave me great directions to get to the office from downtown London, from the Marybelone station to Gerrards Cross station it was about twenty minute ride with a good view of the outskirts London. He was also kind enough to meet me at the station. It was kind of ironic for me that on my first visit to the Citrix Dublin office, they were having a go away party for one the employees who was moving to Australia, and on my first visit to the Citrix Chalfont office, they were having a go away party for one of the interns, which always make for an interesting visit.

The Chalfont office is home to people from Citrix Research and Development, Citrix Production Services, and Citrix Sales. Simon gave me a good walk about of the campus, and while he was off tending to his daily work, I spent the time socializing and mingling with the people at the office and getting to know them better. One of the groups of people that I first met were the Citrix Production Services team, they were an energetic and cheerful bunch, and I once worked with the Citrix Production Services team back in Ft. Lauderdale, I couldn’t help but notice, how few of them there were on the team. My hats off to them, as production services are the team that holds the company together so that we can all do what we do inside and outside of the company. The second team of people I met were the people right outside of Simon’s office, and they were from the Solaris/Unix/Mac side of the house. This is an interesting group within Citrix, as most people think of Citrix only running Microsoft Windows, and not necessarily on other platforms, yes Citrix does work on other platforms. Another group of fellows that I met while visiting the office were from Research and Development, I think the first thing I noticed in their area was the inflatable green alien! And then there was the Dalek! So buy now you’re probably already asking yourself what the… Well, the area of the office they are located in is code named “Area 51”, so the Alien and the Dalek are very fitting for one of those ahha moments. I had some interesting conversations with this group, and it was very refreshing to see that others so far away from my own office have very similar thoughts or ideas of where we think this whole industry and technology we develop is headed.

I’d like to thank Simon Frost and everyone at the Citrix Chalfont office for the great visit, and if you ever have the opportunity to visit the office there, I would take the time to do so if possible.

I have posted some photos I took during my visit to the Chalfont office at the link below: