This year marks the celebration of a few birthdays at Citrix, the first one we all know about is that Citrix has just celebrated its 20 year anniversary. But wait there’s more, while I was over in Dublin, Ireland for PubForum, I went by the local Citrix Dublin office for a visit, I made a post about my first visit below:

Introducing the Citrix Dublin, Ireland office – Slainte Mhaith

We had new visitor to the office this time, Laura Whalen, and so we got to have another great tour of the office given to us by the one and only Francisco Alves (aka Chico). During the visit we walked by the wall of awards they have in the office, and on the wall is a plaque given to the Citrix Dublin office when it first opened back in 1999 given to them from the Citrix UK office for their grand opening ceremony.

So if you know anyone in the Citrix Dublin office, or have ever had the pleasure of being assisted by them with their stellar support team, give them a call or send them an email saying happy birthday, and sending money is always welcome =)

Oh and if you were wondering, Breithlá Shona Duit, is Happy Birhday in Gaelic, well it is at least the best translation I could find on the internet.