I have been to past TechEdge events, formally known as CSEIT, but this was my first one in Europe, and what better one to go to other than TechEdge 2009 in Munich, Germany.

In my previous post about the event, I mostly focused on the Geek Speek part of the event, This time I will be focusing on the TechEdge event.
An Overview of Geek Speak at Citrix TechEdge 2009 Munich

There were a whopping 40 presentations given over a two day period, 30 on the first day, 10 on the second, and there were the 4 Geek Speak sessions on the second day also.
The list of speakers for the event was just as impressive as the amount of technical content presented at the event. The speakers were Citrix Experts from Citrix and Independent Experts from around the world.

Below is the list of speakers from Citrix that presented at TechEdge:

  • Andrew Innes
  • Christian Ferber
  • Frank Kohler
  • Gary Barton
  • Hans Schermer
  • Jason Maynard
  • Jens Brunsen
  • Jurgen Ibisch
  • Martin Maierhofer
  • Martin Rohde
  • Markus Klein
  • Michael Elsner
  • Mikael Lindholm
  • Paul Murray
  • Prakash Sinha
  • Ramzy Mansour
  • Rene Otto
  • Ronald Grass
  • Stefan Wilfinger
  • Thomas Berger
  • Thomas Zell
  • Walter Hofstetter

Below is the list of Independent Experts that presented at TechEdge:

  • Alexander Yushchenko
  • Bernhard Tritsch
  • Carsten Dreyer
  • Christian Huber
  • Helge Klein
  • Jeroen van de Kamp
  • Nico Ludemann
  • Sascha Juch
  • Thomas Kotzing
  • Ulrich Stamm

The above list of speakers is a very impressive list, but if you were able to attend the sessions, you would have seen first hand the level of knowledge and passion that they bring to an event like this. It’s kind of interesting to note, that TechEdge is a conferene onto itself, in that it is meant to give the audience a level of technical expertise that the main conference, meaning iForum is not geared towards. Not to say that iForum is any less or any better, but its more about focus. And I have to say the folks from Citrix had 20/20 vision on this event. I noticed a lot of the little differences on how things were run, as compared to the things at a U.S. event, nothing worse and nothing better, just different, for good reason of course, right. Maybe it was because I was the “New” guy at the event, as like other events, there are always a lot of the same faces, but it seemed that there was no lack of energy or passion when talking about technology and the level of networking was huge. This was a very social event in which we all gained a lot of knowledge, and made a lot of connections. At the end of the day it’s all about people, and Citrix Germany put together an incredible TechEdge event, my only regret was that I was not able to stay for iForum, but there is always next year.

Please stay tuned for more about TechEdge 2009 Munich, as I still have some pictures and thoughts to post about the event