I need to be clear up front that this is not a blog about our Citrix Online products.  Although there is a way to resell the Online SaaS products, that is a discussion for another blog.  This blog is about setting up your data center to host Windows applications in a Software as a Service model using the Citrix Cloud Center (C3) products. 

I recently spoke to Byron Altridge, Vice President at ClubDrive, one of our new Citrix Service Providers in the U.S. about his company’s success in this space and he was kind enough to share with me how they are becoming one of the fastest growing companies in Atlanta.  From a business perspective, Byron told me they are pretty much doing everything by the book in regards to finding the target market and providing a valued service to their customers.  Like so many other Service Providers however, they were lacking the tools to make the delivery of applications over the open Internet seamless and simple.

When the team at ClubDrive found out about the Citrix Service Provider Program, they were one of the first in line to pick it up and put it into action.  Byron turned me on to his CTO, Nathan Kelly and we went over the configuration of his data center using C3.  Nathan told me, “It’s really quite simple.  We use the inherent security of XenApp by managing the applications from a single instance.  There are 2 NetScaler devices in the DMZ at each location that monitor each other locally in the event of failure and also monitor the other location devices in case of failure – this provides High Availability for the users.  And because there is so much efficiency in XenApp workloads using XenServer, the combination provides us with the best approach to making our hosting center work.”  The diagram below depicts the configuration of the ClubDrive hosting center using C3 technologies.


Note that ClubDrive also opted to create fail-over redundancy using a mirrored approach deploying C3.  The combination of network optimization with NetScaler, single instance management with XenApp and server virtualization with XenServer creates the best revenue generating, cost optimized approach to hosting Windows apps.
Based on the popularity of this offering we will be providing both a business webinar and a follow up technical webinar for hosting service providers in July.
Stay tuned.