This year’s PubForum 2009 Dublin event was just brilliant! It was great to be back in Dublin, Ireland and to see all of my European friends, colleagues, and fellow geeks. One can always measure an event by the number of repeat attendees and new attendees, and PubForum is going as strong as ever. There was about a fifty/fifty split of return and new attendees, which tells me the event is truly a premiere event that is one that many want to attend, and if you plan on attending one in the future I highly recommend you book in advance, as the event tends to sell out early.

At last year’s PubForum 2008 Nice event, the usual linear fashion of presentations for the event were given a twist, a second track was added to the schedule as to host master classes. Master classes were offered so that presenters and sponsors could offer even more hands on or dedicated time to a smaller group of people who wished to have more of a deep dive into a product. The success of last year’s Master classes continued this year with a full three days of Master classes.

The really big news for this year’s event from a Citrix point of view was the inclusion of a Geek Speak track. You know this is kind of funny, I don’t think I could ever imagined myself talking about parallel tracks at a PubForum event, not to say this is a bad thing, just that the event was always about one for all and all for one, in that it was like one really big round table discussion with presenters. It is great to see that the inclusion of tracks has not taken away from what makes PubForum one of the most brilliant and truly independent community events that one could ever attend.

In the past year Geek Speak has been part of many events, and we at Citrix were very much honored to take part in PubForum with the inclusion of a Geek Speak track. Citrix has always done a phenomenal job of supporting PubForum by providing Speakers and Sponsorship. It was great to see PubForum expand into even more choices for its attendees with the inclusion of Geek Speak.

The following were presentations and discussions during Geek Speak at PubForum:

  • Radoslaw Smigielski – “XenServer Deep Dive”
  • Rene Vester – “Essentials for… Virtualization”
  • Rich Crusco – “What’s New in Provisioning Server”
  • Shawn Bass – “XenDesktop 3.0 and Its Impact on the VDI Landscape”

And of course the part I love most about attending events were the discussions

  • Geek Speak Discussion Club… two hours of ongoing technical discussion and debate

Geek Speak has been a part of the following events in the past year:

  • Geek Speak Live – Citrix TechEdge 2009 Munich, Germany
  • Geek Speak Local – PubForum 2009 Dublin, Ireland
  • Geek Speak Live – Citrix Synergy 2009 – May 2009
  • Geek Speak Live – Citrix Summit 2009 – May 2009
  • Geek Speak Virtual – Project Virtual Reality Check – March 26th, 2009
  • Geek Speak Virtual – Citrix Delivery Center Live – December 4th, 2008
  • Geek Speak Local – Des Moines, Iowa – December 4th, 2008
  • Geek Speak Live – Citrix Summit 2008 – October 2008
  • Geek Speak Virtual – Citrix Delivery Center Live – September 9th, 2008
  • Geek Speak Local – Des Moines, Iowa – June 25th, 2008
  • Geek Speak Live – Citrix Synergy 2008 – May 2008

You can always check for upcoming Geek Speak events at the following link:

I usually take a plethora of pictures from any event that I attend, this event is not different, but…
My camera took a dive into a beer and the floor, so I have been playing surgery on the memory card so that I could recover all of the photos on it. I will be posting more thoughts, pictures, and videos from the event over the next week, so please stay tuned for more on PubForum and Geek Speak.

For more on this years PubForum event and past events please visit the following link: