Netscaler nCore

Already announced at iForum, but worthy of buzz, is the new multi-core, parallel processing architecture for the Citrix NetScaler released in version 9.1 – nCore Technology. Applications are becoming more dynamic and demanding as we have seen in recent community, social networking and Web 2.0 advancements. Browser request and server response is the old model. Rich interactive applications that provide real-time information require real-time connections between browser and server. Enterprise software vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and others understand the need to push toward highly interactive applications that enrich the functionality and user experience.

The richness of experience manifests in several ways:

  • Protocols: New protocols such as Ajax, Comet, Ruby, etc.
  • Connections: Web 2.0 protocols generate more connections between client and server.
  • Chattiness: Web 2.0 protocols initiate more requests between the client and server.
  • Applications: Rich Internet applications such as Flash, Flex and Silverlight make applications engaging and interactive.
  • Clients: Clients are always connected and content needs to be optimized for them (iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).

ADC’s need to deliver greater performance and scalability by supporting higher levels of throughput, HTTP requests, concurrent connections and SSL Transactions. ADC’s need to handle the increase in connections and requests to offload the demands placed on back-end web servers. The demands for caching, compression and application firewalls will increase as well.

In order to meet the increasing demand in application delivery environments, you need the Citrix NetScaler nCore technology.

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