Well I was coached by our resident Blog Expert (thanks Vinny) to make sure I publish my picture with my blog so here it is… now you know who the face is behind the Cloud rantings!

I know we announced this in a press release and we also have plenty of marketing fodder on our web site around the Citrix Service Provider Program, but just in case we haven’t made it explicitly clear… if you are a Hosting Service Provider and you want to increase your revenues with more applications and decrease your costs by saving CPU and Memory and you want to better manage your server farms… all you have to do is sign up and you will have access to the most prolific applications delivery system on the planet.

In fact I’ll go one step further and let you know that if you plan to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference I will personally be there to talk to you about the program!  All you have to do is to email me or meet me at the Microsoft Software + Services booth… in fact you should probably do both.  We have distributors who would love to meet you as well and get you started in this exciting program.

We are at the dawning of a new day and you who are hosting partners know that this market is about to explode.  I’ve jotted down just a couple of reasons why you would want to make Citrix your delivery center partner….

  • No upfront commitments or start-up costs
  • Flexible active subscriber pricing model
  • Access to the most current product versions
  • Use rights protection for all products
  • Guaranteed pricing stability

So here’s the “duh” question of the day… If you host applications or services to other businesses why would you not use Citrix as your preferred platform?