An update to User Profile Manager was released a few weeks ago (v2.0.1). This contains fixes and improvements for some known issues such as:

  • Support for the user variables %USERNAME% and %USEROMAIN%. This enables explicit paths to be defined for users when supporting multiple domains
  • Profiles are now migrated properly when defined by the GPO “Set path fopr S Roaming User Proifle”
  • Addressed the issue of unresponsive logons in certain cases with cloned images or provisioned shared images
  • Resolved the issue with default registry exclusions and the conflict it created with Windows caching of group policies

The full details are here:

The documentation when using with XenApp is located here:

And the documentation when using with XenDesktop is located here:

This updated install package completely replaces the previously posted package (and thus the old one is no longer available). You may run this install on existing deployments and it will upgrade your service. As well as use it for a fresh install. BUT defintely upgrade any existing installs before rolling out this new version since you do not want to mix the versions in your deployment (and thus have some services that recognize variables like %USERNAME% and some that do not). I assure you it would not be a very pleasant experience. The UserProfileManager.exe binary version is

The ADM template was updated but it was just helper text updates. Basically calling out items like the added support for %USERNAME% and %USERDOMAIN%. So you do not need to update the ADM template unless you want to read the new helper text or just enjoy updating ADM templates. Or you can just open up the ADM file in your favorite text editor and scroll to the end and read it there.

On a side note here are some links to the main page, support forum and XenApp/XenDesktop download site (you need to be logged on to MyCitrix to see the downloads – and it is the same download so pick either product and look in the in the Evaluations and Components sections). And yes, the official name for this is Profile management which you will see reflected in the next release.

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