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Customers who use XenApp for application management frequently use MFCOM and the Windows command line interface to control XenApp and even to create scripts and batch files. With PowerShell being adopted quickly, customers have asked us for support here as well. For the past few months, we have been working on just that and we recently finished out a phase 1 private tech preview that helped provide some much needed feedback on the direction we were going. We solicited feedback from some close members of our Citrix community and they provided the insight we needed to really make this work well for customers. You can still see those threads in the support forum.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released the Commands for XenApp Technology Preview. PowerShell Commands for XenApp allow you to access most aspects of XenApp including MFCOM functionality, Access Management Console features, and even functions found in the Advanced Configuration Tool (aka Citrix Management Console) and will work for XenApp 5 on W2K8 and on Presentation Server 4.5 with HRP03 running on Windows Server 2003 (aka XenApp 5 on W2K3). Commands for XenApp are an initial step towards the next generation of the Management SDK for XenApp. They will replace the current XenApp Management SDK (MPSSDK/MFCOM) in future releases so it’s very important to us that customers that use the SDK’s take a look at Commands and provide feedback before we release the final version. All customers and partners who currently use MFCOM can now experiment with this release and participate with us in the creation of the official release. We are looking forward to that feedback.

This Tech Preview is open to everyone with a MyCitrix account (Create a MyCitrix account if you don’t have one yet). Download the tech preview from our new tech preview site and access the support forum if you need help and to provide feedback. The forum has separate sections for bugs, enhancement requests, scripts, and general questions and discussion.

Special thanks to Brandon Shell, Nick Holmquist, Jeroen van de Kamp and Tony Zhang for their suggestions and bug reports – their feedback was crucial for this second version. We are looking forward to your participation as well.

If you are interested in participating in future private previews of the XenApp SDK’s, please contact me at twitter at @aurelianolopez.


The XenApp Commands team

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