VMware has released a series of KB articles outlining the requirements and best practices for installing vSphere, upgrading to vSphere, and upgrading ESX 3.0 virtual machines to ESX 4.0 hardware.  (Quoting them.)

So I’m guessing this should simplify the process, right? I know there were a few bumps in the update process for XenServer 5.0 Update 3 until we fleshed out the directions to be explicit about HA. Surely they’ve learned from this, and simplified their update process.

So let’s see how they’ve focused on ease-of-use…

 4. If a SAN is connected to the ESX Server, detach the fiber before continuing with the upgrade.

 Walking from machine to machine in your data center pulling fiber connections, and reconnecting them after the upgrade?  Now that’s automation.  That’s ease-of-use.