The last seat has been filled for PubForum 09! With a rich 7-year history of events taking place in Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris, and many other key locations in Europe, PubForum has made its mark as one of the top IT industry events in the world.

This year, we are excited to announce that we’re running Geek Speak Live! as part of this longstanding industry event. The Geek Speak Live! agenda is as follows.


4:30pm – Geek Speak session

Title: XenDesktop 3.0 and Its Impact on the VDI Landscape
Speaker: Shawn Bass, Citrix CTP
Description: Now that XenDesktop 3.0 has come out, Shawn will provide information on what specific things that XenDesktop 3.0 brings to the table and where it still falls short. In addition, other VDI vendor products will be discussed in comparison to XenDesktop. A follow-on from Shawn’s Geek Speak Live! at Synergy 09 session.




2:15pm – Geek Speak Overview

Speaker: Laura Whalen

2:30pm – Geek Speak session

Title: Citrix Essentials for… Virtualization
Speaker: Rene Vester
Description: In this session, Rene will talk about the added value that is part of the Citrix Essentials product line that Citrix offers for both Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. Rene will also discuss the three major virtualization platforms and his views on the three from a “European” perspective.

3:15pm – Geek Speak session

Title: XenServer Round

Speaker: Citrix EMEA XenServer expert

4:00pm – Geek Speak session

Title: What’s New in the Latest Provisioning Server Release
Speaker: Rich Crusco

4:45pm – Geek Speak session

Title: Remote Desktop Services Internals – System Components an Expert Should Know
Speaker: Bernhard Tritsch, Citrix CTP
Description: In depth follow-on discussion and Q&A from Benny’s 3:15pm session. As an IT professional responsible for terminal servers and remote application delivery you need to dig beneath the 
surface if you really want to understand how the technology works. So let’s go on a journey right down to the core. 
In his session, Benny introduces you to advanced Windows Server 2008 Remote Desktop Services concepts. 
This includes details about the system processes needed for remote sessions, the graphical user shell supporting 
RemoteApp programs, and the user logon sequence. Get in-depth information on terminal server installation and 
execution modes and their impact on file system and registry. Discover how to modify related system settings in 
order to fine-tune your terminal servers.

5:15pm – Geek Speak session

Title: Achieving Zero-Install Footprint with the Latest Microsoft and Citrix Clients
Speaker: Alex Danilychev, Citrix CTP
Description: In depth follow-on discussion and Q&A from Alex’s 9:00am session

6:00pm – Geek Speakeasy Discussion Club

Facilitators: Alex Yushchenko, Laura Whalen
Description: Open dialogue on any topic! Suggested topics include:

  • Citrix, Synergy, and the Geek Speak Program
  • What Citrix Needs to Do to Stay in Business
  • What Industry Trends Do You Like, What Don’t You Like? For example, client-side hypervisors and the cloud. Virtual desktops and virtual servers. What new trends or technologies do you think should exist?
  • Got Access? What is the Future for Accessing Citrix from Consumer Electronic Devices
  • As We Are Moving to Virtual Desktops, Is There a Need for Virtualizing the WiFi Adapter? There may be an issue with wireless NICs not cooperating with multiple VMs; i.e., wireless cards able to use only one VM. Are companies looking into this issue?
  • And many more!

If you are attending PubForum this year and would like to lead an informal topic in the Geek Speak room on Saturday, please email me or look for me at the event.

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For those of you who are joining us for Geek Speak Live! at PubForum this year, I look forward to seeing you in Dublin!

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.