Are you using Wyse V class thin clients? Then I think you’ll be interested in this new Tech Preview release from Wyse.

TCX Flash Redirection is a complementary solution to HDX MediaStream for Flash that enables users of Wyse thin clients to experience improved Flash performance. How does it compare with HDX MediaStream for Flash? Whereas HDX MediaStream for Flash is currently just for Windows-based PCs and thin clients, TCX Flash Redirection supports Wyse Thin OS (WTOS) 6.3.0.

TCX Flash Redirection doesn’t actually redirect the native Flash media stream to the client; the Flash Player still runs server-side. So I wouldn’t expect any substantial improvement in server scalability. But the resulting images are “redirected” over a separate virtual channel, allowing for greater control of frame rate and compression, thereby delivering an improved user experience. Also, TCX Flash Redirection works together with TCX Rich Sound to provide high quality audio.

You can see TCX Flash Redirection in action on YouTube at

The solution works both with XenDesktop (Windows XP Pro and Vista VMs) and with XenApp (Windows Server 2003).

Here’s some early feedback from a customer in Australia: “I am using [Wyse] V10L 6.3.0 on Citrix [XenApp] PS 4.5 and the Flash stuff is GREAT!”

Param Desai, Director of Product Management at Wyse, informs me that the Tech Preview is publicly available for customers via Wyse systems engineers and sales managers. So try it out and let us know what you think!

Derek Thorslund
Product Strategist, HDX Multimedia Virtualization