It has been a few weeks since we released the trial for HDX MediaStream for Flash and I would like to share a few tips about this feature as well as highlight some of the capabilities in the trial release. First on the list is Window-less Mode.

Windowless mode allows web pages to overlay HTML content over the Flash player. This is important in certain scenarios like navigation menus that show on top of the flash player. Without windowless support, those sites would not be very usable. Here is an example of with and without windowless support:

Flash content in windowed mode Flash content in windowless mode

Notice how the Flash ad on the left side covers part of the navigation menu while the one in the right does not. Flash in windowless mode allows the browser to do this. HDX MediaStream for Flash supports this mode even though the Flash player is rendered on the client while the browser is rendered on the server. Logic would dictate that since Citrix HDX renders the flash on the client device, any flash would always show up on top of any content in the browser. But not so. Here at Citrix, we’ve figured out how to retain this functionality so that users get a seamless experience.

It’s easy to see how HDX MediaStream for Flash makes it easier for IT to choose XenApp and XenDesktop for application management and desktop delivery while preserving the experience that users are accustomed to. Stay tuned for more in my “Did you know” series on HDX MediaStream for Flash.

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