In a previous post I mentioned that we would be doing something extra for this years PubForum 2009 Dublin, Ireland event.

We are going to be having some follow on sessions from this years Geek Speak Live – Synergy 2009 event, and there will be a dedicated room for Geek Speak to host a Geek Speak Discussion Club.

For an up to date schedule please follow the below link:

We look forward to seeing you there, and I’m sure this years event will be just as exciting as any of the past PubForum events. Below is a short list of sessions that will be presented during the event.

Friday June 5, 2009

Geek Speak session:
Title: XenDesktop 3.0 and Its Impact on the VDI Landscape
Speaker: Shawn Bass Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP
Description: Now that XenDesktop 3.0 has come out, Shawn will provide information on what specific things that XenDesktop 3.0 brings to the table and where it still falls short. In addition, other VDI vendor products will be discussed in comparison to XenDesktop.

Saturday 6, 2009

Geek Speak session
Title: XenServer Round
Speaker: Citrix EMEA XenServer expert

Geek Speak session
Title: Citrix Essentials for… Virtualization (or the other topic if Rene prefers)
Speaker: Rene Vester
Description: In this session, Rene will talk about the added value that is part of the Citrix Essentials product line that Citrix offers for both Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. Rene will also discuss the three major virtualization platforms and his views on the three from a “European” perspective.

Geek Speak session
Title: Citrix Dazzle (exact title TBD)
Speaker: Rich Crusco
Description: Citrix Dazzle – the first self-service “storefront” for enterprise applications – gives corporate employees 24×7 self-service access to the applications they need to work.

Geek Speak Room
Title: Geek Speak Discussion Club

Description: Open dialogue on any topic! Suggested topics include:

  • Citrix, Synergy, and the Geek Speak Program
  • What Industry Trends Do You Like, What Don’t You Like? For example, client-side hypervisors and the cloud. Virtual
  • Desktops and virtual servers. What new trends or technologies do you think should exist?
  • Got Access? What is the Future for Accessing Citrix from Consumer Electronic Devices
  • As We Are Moving to Virtual Desktops, Is There a Need for Virtualizing the WiFi Adapter?
    There may be an issue with wireless NICs not cooperating with multiple VMs;
    i.e., wireless cards able to use only one VM. Are companies looking into this issue?