I am very excited to announce the release of a Reference Architecture for an enterprise XenDesktop environment.  Many times when you see reference architectures, the paper is very high-level and provides minimal details.  Well, this document is completely different.  It is based on a customer environment with 10,000 users spread across four data centers. It includes many of the challenges we architects must design around including, multiple data centers, worldwide design, thousands of users, remote users, etc.  
The design focuses on the following topics:
•    Virtualization Infrastructure
•    OS Delivery
•    Application Delivery
•    Desktop Delivery
•    Desktop Design
•    Business Continuity
Within the subsections, you can read about the environment design, capacity planning, hardware design and storage design as well as a host of other items.  As this is based on a customer environment, some details had to be removed and generalized. 

As you read through the document, you might think “Why did they do it that way?”  Where possible, we tried to follow best practices, but with any environment, the nuances required we deviate from the preferred path to alternate paths.  You will probably have questions, comments and challenges with the way we designed the environment, which is why I’m going to start a blog series around the key design areas so all of you can comment and we can discuss.  Should be an interesting series. Make sure you grab the design document (CTX121478), and Stay Tuned…

Daniel – Lead Architect – Worldwide Consulting Solutions
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