Twitter is obviously growing rapidily in popularity. According to a recent TechCrunch article, “Twitter’s global unique visitors in April, 2009 was a whopping 32 million, up from 19 million in March, 2009“. Many different groups within Citrix have begun to embrace Twitter. I use Twitter quite a bit, and have found several different Citrix Twitter accounts that I follow. Below are several recent Twitter accounts started by different departments within Citrix –

@citrixsupport - Mike Stringer, a Senior Director in Technical Support, created this account to provide updates from Citrix Technical Support.

@citrixreadiness - David McGeough from our Dublin office has been very active recently on this account.

@xenappjunkie – Vinny Sosa just started this Twitter account about XenApp.

@xdsupport - XenDesktop support. I have not yet found out who owns this account.

@citrixpartners - This twitter account is specifically for info related to Citrix partners.

@nssupport - Julio Rodriguez recently started this NetScaler related account.

@citrixblogs - This is an automated rss feed account that posts links to every new group blog post on the Citrix Community blogs.

@citrixonline - This account is dedicated to info on GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoView from Citrix Online.

@go_view - This account by Brenda Dentinger focuses on the new GoView product from Citrix Online.

@ctxs - This account is an rss feed of Citrix press releases.

@xenserverarmy - This account posts info specific to XenServer and Essentials for XenServer.

@citrix_synergy - This account posted live updates from Citrix Synergy.
There are several other new accounts that have no or few updates yet.




You can also follow me on Twitter, and other Citrix employees such as Chris Fleck, Tedd Fox, Matt Lesak, Lauren Whalen, Rich Crusco, Vishal Generiwala, Dan Feller, and Pete Downing.

If there are other Citrix accounts or Citrix employees you follow on Twitter, please post them in the comments.