One of my biggest gripes about Terminal Services and XenApp was that once I disconnected from the network, I could no longer use my applications.  This was a major pain as I spent a lot of time on airplanes.  During my 3-4 hours flights as well as 1-3 hrs sitting in the terminal, I was unable to get any work done (although I did get a lot of reading done).   My problems with XenApp wasn’t just limited to airports and airplanes, but also included remote connectivity.  As I’m a remote employee, I spend most of my time working from my home office.  There were many cases where I just wanted to spend 1 minute to look something up in a local file.  But because my applications are hosted from XenApp, that 1 minute actually took 3-5 minutes (authenticate to employee portal, launch XenApp application, open file and wait for the file to be transferred from local workstation to XenApp server).

I got frustrated and installed my applications locally.  This was wonderful. All of the frustrations I’ve had were almost gone.  But this now caused new challenges.  I now had to manage and maintain my applications.  I had to install appropriate hotfixes/service packs.  I also had to troubleshoot application issues, not something I enjoy doing.  (Why does it always seem like your applications fail when you need to use them the most?)  Well, believe it or not, XenApp actually allows offline access to your applications.  You get to use your XenApp applications while your network is not connected, while you have absolutely no connection to the XenApp infrastructure.  This sounds like a good deal. I get local usage and I don’t have to worry about maintenance.  

How does it work? How do you implement it? What best practices should be followed?  All of these questions are the basis for an upcoming TechTalk on offline mobility with XenApp.  In this TechTalk session, you’ll learn about:
•    How XenApp users can take their applications with them, disconnected
•    How offline XenApp users are kept current
•    How to eliminate app conflicts without stress
•    How to follow the best practices while delivering offline applications
•    How application streaming can help simplify your Vista and Windows 7 migration

Hope to see you at this TechTalk on Friday, June 5th at 1PM Eastern time.  
Daniel – Lead Architect – Worldwide Consulting Solutions
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