Let me setup the scenario for you. You’ve been using a golden image vDisk assigned to several target devices for a while and everything is working without issues. Sooner or later, the time comes when you have to update your hardware drivers on the golden image vDisk.

No problem, right?

You simply boot up your master target device that you used to capture the golden image, apply the updates, take a snapshot of the disk to your golden image vDisk, and all is well.

This would be true expect for one issue. What if the master target device you used was no longer available along with the disk that you took the snapshot from?

Why not have make copy of the vDisk, change the vDisk image mode to private, assign it to a new master target device, and apply your updates? Well, if you’re like me and use virtual hardware, then the update will include network drivers. If you update your network drivers while attached to any vDisk, you will disconnect your network connection which in turn disconnects your vDisk. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve done this before and quickly realized the error of my ways

So what do you do? Fortunately there is a way to recover and it’s an easy one.

  1. Create a guest VM on your hypervisor using a template that contains the same operating system as your golden image vDisk. This will insure the disk is already formated, for example, to NTFS. You will also want to make sure the disk is the same size or larger then your golden image vDisk
  2. Change the primary boot device on the guest VM to boot from the network card
  3. Add the guest VM as a target device within the Provision Server console
  4. Assign the golden image vDisk to the target device and set the boot order to vDisk
  5. Once the guest VM is booted, double check that your primary disk is your vDisk and the secondary is your disk assigned within the guest VM
  6. Run the Provisioning Server Image Builder to create a snapshot of the vDisk. Make sure your Source drive is your golden image vDisk and your Destination drive is your formatted guest VM disk
  7. Once the snapshot completes, you now have an exact copy of the golden image vDisk on your guest VM disk
  8. Within the Provision Server console, change the boot order of your guest VM to Hard disk, and reboot it
  9. When the guest VM comes up, it should be booting from the snapshot of the golden vDisk.

Congratulations, you’ve just officially recovered your golden image vDisk to a local disk. You’re now free to update when needed without issue.

Let me know if you have any questions. Just post a comment and I’ll reply back.

Kind Regards,