During Citrix Synergy 2009 last week in Las Vegas I was part of the team which delivered the Learning Labs on XenServer. Besides presenting on XenServer 5.5 (more on that here: [\~joels:/2009/05/21/Citrix XenServer 5.5 and Workload Balancing Video]) I also did a learning lab on Testing XenApp on XenServer and/or a different virtualization platform.

With EdgeSight for Load Testing (ESLT) now included in XenApp, it’s really straightforward for partners and customers to do their own testing/bake-off and find out that XenApp is an excellent workload to virtualize on XenServer.

To make it even easier to do this, my colleague Adam Lotz created the XenApp Server Virtualization Test Toolkit, which includes:

  • Documentation for setting up a test environment
  • Microsoft Office Transform file
  • ESLT scripts, including the one we used for our internal testing
  • Tolly Group report with the results of the XenApp on XenServer 5.0 vs. VMware ESX 3.5 testing

The Toolkit can be downloaded on the XenServer Resource Kit page here.

On the Resource Kit page you can also find the Web-Based Console for XenServer, which I blogged about [here] as well as the latest version of the XenServer v2xva Conversion Utility. With the upcoming release of XenConvert 2.0 (released together with XenServer 5.5) the v2xva will become obsolete, since that functionality will be included.

We will be starting another round of testing XenApp soon (on new releases) and will update the toolkit if necesarry.

Happy testing!