With the release of XenServer 5.5 just around the corner, it is time for video demonstrations of some of the new features. In the video below you will see demo’s of the following new features:
- Active Directory Authentication
- Enhanced Storage Features
- XenCenter Enhancements

Which will all be available in the free version of XenServer.

Also included in the video is a demonstration of Workload Balancing, which will be part of Citrix Essentials for XenServer Enterprise and Platinum. The demo includes:
- Workload Balancing Installation
- Workload Balancing Congfiguration
- Using Workload Balancing
- Workload Balancing Reporting

The running time of the whole video is approximately 23 minutes.

Other components of Essentials for XenServer are:
- Lab- and Stage Management
- Provisioning Services
- StorageLink Technology
- Workflow Orchestration

Demo’s for these features can be found on the Citrix blog as well as on youtube:



(Workflow Studio)