Have you had a look at the trial release of HDX MediaStream for Flash yet? Early feedback has been very positive. Jason Langone of Infinite Group / Systems ArchiTECH.com wrote this of his experience with HDX MediaStream for Flash: “The first time I walked by a XenDesktop virtual instance playing a video on YouTube I had NO idea it was a virtual desktop. Yes, it’s that good.” Check it out! The benefits of HDX are clear.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received so far from folks evaluating HDX MediaStream for Flash:

  • “It works great -- just like watching it on the desktop.”
  • “Very impressive!”
  • “Wow, quality looks great!”
  • “It works really well. I have compared performance with and without it, and it is pretty impressive.”

So give it a try and let us know what you think!

Derek Thorslund
Product Strategist, HDX Multimedia Virtualization

[May 20: This post originally contained the video by Michel Buis that is referenced in Jason Langone’s recent article as being “indicative” of the results he experienced with HDX MediaStream for Flash, but since Michel’s video shows Windows Media Player rather than Flash, that created some confusion and I have removed it. I’ll write a new post shortly with a video of HDX MediaStream for Flash playing YouTube content, which is the experience that Jason wrote about. Meanwhile, you can see this technology playing a high definition Flash video in my earlier blog post with David Stone.]