CADI Beta Release for Cosmo Support

The new CADI beta release extends CADI support to Cosmo.  User now could use the current functions (Cmdlet and SDK) to launch logoff and disconnect a PortIca session.

Major changes in this release

The major change in CADI to support test Cosmo functions on CADI framework was hosting CADI WCF service in Windows Service.  In the previous versions of CADI release, we hosted CADI service in an executable (AMI.exe) which could run in any console and ICA sessions. With this new release, AMI.exe could be registered and started as a Windows Service in “Local system” and  also as a executable in a console or ICA session after user’s logon.

The SDK delivered by this Beta release only focus on a standalone PortIca service instead of a PortIca in a full XenDesktop installation. As the feedbacks from PortIca developers, tests on a standalone PortIca will cover more than 90% of the test scenario of all PortICA tests and ROI of this project will be high.

  Benefits of this new release

1.       CADI in new release starts  WCF services in  a Windows Service-AMIService before user’s logon.  This will enable CADI’s support to the test scenario which required the CADI test framework available before any user logon, such as PortICA test. 

2.       Improve user experience by starting AMI in a fixed Port which is set in a registry key in the machine.  AMI executable in a logon session doesn’t have a fixed AMI port. The automation testers were easy to make user errors in their Powershell scripts/ test code when the CADI WCF Services were expected in one port and they are actually available in another port.

3.       AMI service will be run in “local system” which is not depending on any user logon/credential. 

4.       AMI services can be automatically started when the computer boots.

5.       CADI WCF services will be more reliable hosted in a Window Service because windows services run in a “Local System” have a more reliable access to the resources such as transports (net.tcp). And windows service which will not be shut down accidentally.  Impacts to your current tests in CADI framework

1.       Moving your tests to a new windows service CADI framework will be seamless. All the SDK function will be the same in the new version of CADI. In most cases, you don’t need change your test scripts /code to migrate your test to the new CADI framework.

2.       Changes may be necessary if you have hardcode Port numbers in your tests.

3.       If your tests are depend on user credential such as “ftltest\joeadmin”  as a logon user, you may need modify your test to add a user credential.

4.       To be more compatible with current tests, a new methods- GetCadiConsole has been added into the new version of CADI framework.  This will help you to get a console machine object which points to AMI in the console session instead of in Windows service/”Local system”. So no extra changes for your automation tests if you use the console machine object.

What is remaining before our official release of CADI
1.       This is beta release. We need to make it more robust with testing and ensuring all possible scenarios are covered.
2.       Make sure Regression Suite does not get impacted with it.
3.       Make sure any TC team automation setups are not impacted by this.

How to use AMI service in our tests?

AMI service will be available after your machine is started. When you logon as a user, an new AMI  is executable  will be started and host CADI WCF services in the this user session. User will decide to use either AMI service or AMI executable based on the requirements of their test scenario.

Port for AMI service and executable.

AMI services will run on the default of Port -8000 when CADI installed. You could change the registry key to let AMI service run on a different Port.

Ami executable will run the port of default port + Session id +1. So if you session id is 3, AMI will run on the port of 8004. Here is the link to the latest beta version of AMIService.

Here is the link to the latest beta version of AMIService.


Link to the demo of AMI service.

How to use CADI Service for Cosmo/PortIca

Here is the link to the build of PortIca.


Send email to #CADI – Help or if you have any question.