By now you probably have viewed the Keynote(s) from Day 1 and 2 of Synergy. Pretty exciting to see a couple of demos and announcements. Particluarly the Open Kernel Labs agreement, and the XenClient demo on the Mac.

Now that they have been shown and announced, it was inspiring to see that you can make a difference…small as it may be.

Last summer, I had been thinking of ways to improve the experience of desktop virtualization from both the user’s perspective, as well as the administrative perspective. I get my best ideas in the shower of all places (TMI, right?).

It occurred to me that with all these ubuquitous client hypervisors running “amuck”, there needs to be a better way to get at my apps inside them.

I was tired of firing up the Type 2 VM software, launching the desktop, signing into the desktop, launching the apps, then finally setting to Coherence/Unity/Seamless mode. This came after doing presentation after presentation on the Mac. (by the way, way to go Sun on the acquisition of VirtualBox, my personal favorite of the major Type 2 players).

Citix had this awesome AppReceiver concept, so why not make it “Transparent” from the host to the guest VM?

You would have this notion of a “Host Receiver” and “Guest Receiver”, right?

So I started drawing out this method of access for various scenario types, and the more I drew, the more it expanded. Here’s a picture of it.

Now keep in mind, this was before Project Independence was announced, and I was thinking about Type 2’s only. By the way, I’m also not on any steering committees, any technology acquisition/forward looking committees either, so not drawing from other concepts either.

Maybe the rest of it will happen, as I think we are just at the begining stages of all of this, only those in the know, know. Wouldn’t it be really awesome to see a System Center packageable OVF for consumption of the Type 1/2 client hypervisors? Admin picks Citrix, Sun, MS, Parallels packages that include the needed PV tools, and the user self services the VM for offline consumption using dazzle. That would be pretty cool!

Disclaimer these concepts above were probably being worked on by other groups at the same time, and I just happened to have separate similar ideas, but it’s exciting and definately fulfilling that you can have the same essential forward thinking concepts as your company. Where they drive towards ensuring its longevity, burst the envelope, and improve the lives of application access and usability for its customers all at the same time.

Go Citrix!