Geek Speak Live! at Synergy 09 was a raging success, the result of having the most seasoned, skilled technologists from across the globe assembled in one high-energy location for a three day, content rich, audience interactive event!

Event Highlights

Some memorable GSL! at Synergy 09 moments include:

• A Geek Speak Tonight! session where three esteemed Citrix CTOs – Simon Crosby, Brad Pedersen, and Michael Harries, and three renowned Citrix CTPs – Rick Dehlinger, Brian Madden, and Bernhard Tritsch – shared their thoughts on the future of application delivery. When is the last time you witnessed six brilliant thought leaders on one stage discussing their ideas and projections about one of the hottest trends in IT?

• Two separate and unique Terminal Server vs. VDI sessions run by Rick Dehlinger, Brian Madden, and Bernhard Tritsch. In one session, Rick played Dr. Friedrich von Dehlingerhausen, IT specialist, who helped Benny and Brian’s alter egos “TS” and “VDI” discover they had more in common than meets the eye. In the other, this triad of talented speakers began what was an excellent TS vs. VDI debate when, suddenly, the CTO speakers from Lounge B of the Geek Speakeasy decided to join in on their discussion. The result? An impromptu, highly entertaining twist on the already successful session. You’ll just have to watch the videos to experience the sensation.

• At the Geek Speakeasy during Expo Hall, we had the opportunity to take a 50-minute journey toward a better understanding of “Client Side Virtualization: How Does It Help, How Does It Make Things Worse?” led by Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt. And how about Gabe Knuth’s informative Geek Speakeasy session on the topic of “Client Hypervisors: What, How, When, Why, and Who?”

• A series of interactive Geek Speakeasy lab sessions on Mon-Wed were run by Jason Conger, Brandon Shell, and many other CTPs and technology experts. Demos and deep dives and test results, oh my!

• At Geek Speak Tonight!, Martin Duursma provided insight into “Why All Remote Access Solutions Are Broken,” followed by Kurt Roemer and Charles Aunger who shed light on how to achieve “Security, Compliance, and Privacy in the Citrix Delivery Center.”

• During Geek Speak Happy Hour, Ruben Spruijt and Jeroen van de Kamp, two Citrix CTPs, delivered a fantastic session about their “Project: Virtual Reality Check,” a masterful follow-up to their Geek Speak Virtual! webcast that took place on March 26. We listened intently as they unveiled data and findings from this independent project, and shared their resulting analyses and best practices.

• Two Geek Speak Track sessions became a double-header lesson in awesome:  Steve Greenberg and Joe Shonk shared their expertise on “When to Use which Virtualization Platform,” while Brad Pedersen and Richard Hayton gave us solid insight into the “Future of Remoting Protocols.”

• And a Geek Speak Tonight! session that deserves a special highlight…Shawn Bass’s “XenDesktop 3.0: One Year Later, What’s the VDI Landscape Look Like Now?,” a fantastic follow-up to last year’s session that included Shawn’s acute and thoughtful observations of the latest XenDesktop release, turned out to be one of the most thought-provoking and entertaining sessions of Synergy 09!


GSL! extends a warm “thank you” to all of the incredible speakers who contributed to making this event a success, including:

Citrix CTPs:  Alex Danilychev, Bernhard Tritsch, Brandon Shell, Brian Madden, Charles Aunger, Jason Conger, Jeroen van de Kamp, Joe Shonk, Michael Keen, Rick Dehlinger, Ruben Spruijt, Shawn Bass, Steve Greenberg  

Citrix CTOs:  Abolfazl Sirjani, Brad Pedersen, Ian Pratt, Jason Lieblich, Kurt Roemer, Martin Duursma, Michael Harries, Simon Crosby

Citrites:  Adam Marano, Chris Fleck, Gus Pinto, Matt Lull, Rich Crusco, Richard Hayton, Sai Allavarpu, Vishal Ganeriwala

Industry Experts & Partners:  Gabe Knuth, Andrew Chambers, Chris Carter, Christopher Viamonte, Clyde Hedrick, Dan Palmer, David Miller, Hector Angulo, Kenneth Duda, Lee Kaminski, Martin Casado, Matthew Gray, Param Desai, Percy Wadia, Robert Tooth, Travis Graham

…And special thanks to those of you who started out as audience members and became speakers mid-session, contributing your questions and comments, as well as your ideas about each and every topic that was covered. We truly appreciate your participation and hope to see you at future Geek Speak Live, Virtual, and Local events!

We’d love to hear your feedback about GSL! at Synergy 09, and also get your thoughts and ideas about our year-round Geek Speak program that includes live, virtual, and local events. Please feel free to send me an email. For more information about the Geek Speak program, click here.

Event Resources

Throughout the event, some of our CTP speakers participated in head-to-head interviews on Citrix TV. Click on the links below for a replay!

•    Shawn Bass & Jeroen van de Kamp – Reaction to Dazzle
•    Brian Madden & Shawn Bass – The layer cake approach
•    Brian Madden & Brandon Shell – Automation & PowerShell
•    Rick Dehlinger & Brian Madden – Offline VDI
•    Charles Aunger & Michael Keen – To blueprint or not

 And don’t miss the Brian Madden TV Synergy 09 Wrap-Up, hosted by Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth.

Stay tuned to the Citrix blogs, because we’ll be posting more GSL! at Synergy 09 photos, session videos, and content. Brought to you by the letters C, I, T, R, I, and X (and the number 20).

Laura Whalen