Here is a working integration scenario, how to implement XenDesktop in a synced AD / eDir environment. It should only be used when the Novell Clients needs to be installed on the virtual desktop. In several projects I’ve used this configuration without any issues.

The trick is the GINA chaining:

Working Scenario:

  • Enable Explicit AD Authentication on default Web Interface site
  • Set ctxgina registry key to msgina.dll on the Virtual Machine running the VDA.
  • Set default NW account context on NW client installed on VDA.
  • Log into WI site with synched AD/NDS account and launch virtual Desktop.
  • If the NDS account is in the default Context as per the NW client on the VDA itself then all works fine. You do not have to manually enter your NDS account credentials. The synched AD/NDS accounts were passed along the GINA chain.

Novell already released Domain Services for Windows, which is a feature of Novel Open Enterprise Server 2. Strategic Novell customers should consider implementing Domain Services for Windows if they have no synced Active Directory in place.

Novell Domain Services for Windows provides seamless cross-authentication capabilities between Windows/Active Directory and Novell OES 2 Linux servers. It is a suite of integrated technologies that removes the need for the Novell Client when logging on and accessing data from Windows workstations in eDirectory trees. This technology simplifies the management of users and workstations in mixed Novell-Microsoft environments.