Calling all DC & MD (NON-FEDERAL) Organizations!!!

RIGHT NOW Citrix is hosting our Annual #CitrixSynergy event in Las Vegas where there’s a LOT of very exciting news, demonstrations, and thought provoking strategies being presented to our audience!

Just because you weren’t able to attend Synergy doesn’t mean you should be starved of knowledge!!! 

Our Team is ready to come onsite to deliver the messaging to you in a 1:1 format.  Think of it as your own personal Synergy! 

If you are based in DC or MD and are NOT a Federal customer please contact us so we can set up a 60-90min meeting.  We can use a whiteboard, a projector, a combo of the two or no medium other than conversation to convey our messaging.

Please reach out to my Inside Sales Representative Jose Parada to coordinate a date & time! or 954.229.6849

Thank You!


Field Sales Manager | DC & MD

CiTR!X Systems, Inc

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