Hi all,

We have had some great feedback from our v0.9 release of the Citrix Receiver for the iPhone, and whilst you guys have been experimenting with what we have been calling project Braeburn, the team here have been powering on to give you v1.0.

The BIG feature of v1.0 is support for the Citrix Access Gateway Standard Edition with optional two-factor authentication, as well as Secure Gateway support.  We are really excited to give you this feature so you can get to all of your apps published on XenApp over the Internet from anywhere!

A point to note, to install v1.0, please uninstall the Technology Preview (v0.9) from your iPhone first. After doing that, go into the AppStore and install the “Citrix Receiver”, future updates will then be automatically delivered without you having to do the uninstall step.

If you haven’t seen the Citrix Receiver running on the iPhone, here is a demonstration video I produced for the Tech Preview release, the UI has changed a little, but the concepts and supported gestures are still the same.

Have fun with it, rate it and give us some feedback through the forums.  As you can see from our release rate between v0.9 and v1.0, we are on an accelerated path and we would love to hear your feedback (positive or negative), and any suggestions for future versions.

For more information visit www.citrix.com/iphone