As many of you who follow my blog postings will realize, I love talking about Provisioning Services

I’ve spent a significant amount of time discussing best practices for integrating XenApp and Provisioning Services and thanks to many of you and your questions, I’ve been able to create and define new best practices; all of which will make it easier for you two simplify you XenApp environments. 

If you are still wanting more information on the Provisioning Services for XenApp, then I highly recommend you attend this recently released TechTalk.  For those of you who have attended my TechTalks before, my goal is to explain the how’s, the why’s and the  when’s for creating a solution of your own.  This TechTalk is no different as I go through the following topics

  • How Provisioning Services overcomes many of the ongoing challenges associated with XenApp environments
  • How to create and deliver a set of XenApp servers with  Provisioning Services        
  • How to design a Provisioning Services solution while following recommended best practices

Who do I recommend that should watch and listen to the TechTalk?  Well, the following is a good idea:

  1. Anyone who is trying to design a Provisioning Services for XenApp environment
  2. Anyone who has heard of Provisioning Services and thought it sounded intriguing
  3. Anyone who has a XenApp environment and wants to makes management easier
  4. Anyone who knows already knows a lot about Provisioning Services. You might learn something new, or you might be able to provide me with some of your thoughts/insights. 

After watching the TechTalk, feel free to post a question or comment on this blog as I’m always interested in hearing your thoughts, suggestions and recommendations. 

BTW, you can reach me on Twitter at or on the blog site

So, set aside 60 minutes, grab some food, go to this TechTalk link, sit back, relax and enjoy. 

Daniel – Sr. Architect (Worldwide Consulting Solutions)