It’s interesting to see VMware’s latest spin on the concept of “free”.  They have finally got around to offering service providers free trials of various bits of VMware stuff in the hope that they will adopt the clearly non-free vSomething or vOther. This at a time when just about every public cloud is built on Xen, which is absolutely free, and moreover easily integrated into massively scaleable service provider environments.  However, in a rare moment (for me) I’m about to praise my worthy competitor:  VMware is doing a good job by pushing the virtual appliance vendors to adopt DMTF OVF standard format for their virtual appliances marketplace (VAM).  Our joint work in the DMTF will play a vital role in addressing customers’ desire for “mix and match” of public and private clouds.  

VAM is a good place to start if you are interested in the concept of virtualized infrastructure components, and a great place to explore if you are seeking to build an entirely free virtual infrastructure on XenServer, or looking to run a VA on Hyper-V because Citrix Project Kensho allows you to take VAs from the VMware site and pull them into a XenServer or Hyper-V environment.