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Topic: Federal Government and Cloud Computing

Those of you who work in the federal sector know changes like cloud computing take a lot of time in the federal sector to come about due to the amount of bureaucracy inherent in the system.

The goal of this discussion is identify the elements that will cause the tipping point for the adoption of cloud computing in our government.

The following are some topics that can be used to initiate the discussion.

1. What is cloud computing mean in the federal sector? (Cloud as service, cloud as platform, what will it do?)

2. Define what the current dominate design is for cloud computing today, and predict where key innovations will drive the technology when it is widely accepted in the federal government.

3. Determine what the technology roadmap is going to look like over the next 3 to 5 years? What key innovations are necessary to make the adoption of cloud computing in the government a reality?

4. Discuss what the best practices might be for adopting cloud computing initiatives. (Lower cost, improve compliance, simplification, and increased productivity).

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