Inside tip from Citrix Online: Check out This is an easy way to record, edit and share content, available as a free limited beta. (If you register and it’s full, just wait until they allow more people in.) We’re finding tons of ways to use it. 

First, How It Works:

  1. Click “record” and it starts recording audio and everything on your screen.
  2. Click “stop” and it provides a URL you can use to share your recording.
  3. If desired, you can edit your recording, add title slides, or export it.

10 Cool Ways to Use it: 

1. Training: Create short training videos. It’s so simple, anyone can create a fast recorded training explaining how to do something on your computer and send it out to customers, co-workers or customize for an individual customer. 
2. Marketing Demos: This is an easy way to create demos highlighting product functionality for use on web sites or wherever. 
3. Sales: Answer prospect questions. If you have frequent questions that require detailed explanation – show, don’t just tell. Record the answer on your screen and send the link to your prospect.  
4. Customer Service: Answer questions faster. Record snippets answering frequent questions and send those out to people. If you can’t reach someone, send them a video answer.  
5. QA, Catch Bugs: Use it to record funky or malfunctioning behavior and report it. 
6. Collaboration: An employee recently sent me a screen recording of proposed survey functionality so I could approve it. This is great. You can show how something might work on your computer and send out a link to get other people’s feedback. 
7. Record a presentation: Record and talk through your presentation then share it. 
8. Side-by-Side Comparisons: I recently recorded a comparison of myself using GoToMyPC to work remotely vs. a competitor and shared it in an internal meeting. It helped drive home my point which was how fast and easy GoToMyPC is for after-hours remote work. 
9. IT, Help Desk and Support: Tired of answering the same questions? Record the on-screen steps to take and refer people to those. 
10. Usability: You could record someone interacting with your web site or product and then share that with others.  
What have I missed?  I’d love to hear how other people are using GoView.