SharePoint Template

AppExpert Templates are nothing new for NetScaler. However, with a new release of NetScaler comes an updated, new and improved NetScaler AppExpert Template for use with Microsoft SharePoint applications.

AppExpert Templates are a simple approach to configuration management for complex enterprise applications. In one simple view, you can view what is most important to you in terms of application delivery. No more confusing and complex rules to define, reducing the time to deploy, easing management and improving the bottom line.

Improvements to the template include additional optimizations for Image Management, Scripts, SOAP and FrontPage. Caching and Compression policies have been optimized, along with the addition of a section for rewrite. There is a redirect policy for converting HTTP to HTTPS on the fly, to enable secure traffic to/from the Microsoft SharePoint applications.

All of these improvements can be found in the new Microsoft SharePoint template, and a description of the template can be found in the updated SharePoint Deployment Guide.

Download the updated Microsoft SharePoint AppExpert Template here (NS v9.0 b66 required).

Download the updated Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Guide here.

Its Powerful – AppExpert!