StorageLink is one of the components of the new Citrix Essentials for Hyper-V product that was just released last week.

Citrix StorageLink™ technology lets your virtual server infrastructures fully leverage all the resources and functionality of existing storage systems. StorageLink supports all third party storage architectures and delivers deep integration with leading storage platforms allowing you to switch seamlessly between XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V™ platforms. Citrix StorageLink provides organization with:

  • Reduced cost and complexity by leveraging existing investments in storage systems.
  • One click access to native storage services.
  • Simplified, wizard-driven storage setup and maintenance.

I recently recorded a technical deep dive presentation and demo with Pete Benoit, the Senior Director of Engineering for StorageLink. You can watch the hour long presentation and demo below –

You can download the StorageLink Install Guide here. The StorageLink User guide is here and you can download the Powershell guide here.

UPDATE: I added the Deep Dive webinar video to my SkyDrive on Windows Live. You can download it here

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