The landing page for Geek Speak Live Synergy 2009 is now available on the Citrix Developer Network.
The page is meant to be a focus point for the aggregation of all the different components for Geek Speak Live at Synergy 2009. You can now see the complete list of speakers and sessions listed here by session type and session scheduling time.

Yes, we still have the main page on the Citrix Synergy site,

And there is still the main schedule on the Citrix Synergy site,

While the schedule on the Citrix Synergy site is complete, schedules can sometimes be a little overwhelming, and by having this dedicated site in the CDN, it will allow us to give focus on Geek Speak as opposed to the whole Synergy event. Synergy is an incredible event, and sometimes you just need to digest events in pieces. By having a place where we can add information about Geek Speak, and give you an opportunity to give feedback, comments, or suggestions; we hope to make your Geek Speak Experience even better.