The Geek Speak Live! Session Topics Voting Tool is now available.

With the topic voting tool you can vote on all existing topic ideas or even suggest new ones. The idea behind the tool is to have a list of topics that can be used as a Geek Speak Session that was conceived and promoted by you the attendees. The whole premise behind Geek Speak is to allow everyone to have a voice and to hear from others on topics that are most important to you and your peers. In Geek Speak fashion the tool will allow for you give a vote of liking on a scale of 1,2, or 3, with 3 being I like it a lot!

To be able to vote or suggest a topic, you will need to have an account.
You do not have to be attending the event to participate in topic voting tool,
Nor do you have to be registered to attend the synergy event for you to be able to participate
It’s easy to get started, when you go to click to vote, you will be prompted to login
This is where you can create an account for the topic tool,
Once again you do not need to register for the event!

We would love to hear from you on the current topics, and maybe even on some new ones,
Click the link below to access the tool and start casting your votes!