How many of you have worked with or started designing a XenDesktop solution?  Chances are you have tons of questions about the best way to design the environment for growth, scalability and stability.  I know this because I, like so many others, are asked the same questions.  For example

  • Should I install or stream applications into the virtual desktop?
  • Where should the Provisioning Services write cache go?
  • How should I design my Web Interface implementation to provide seamless integration without causing confusion for my users?
  • How do I provide better availability to the TFTP server used to deliver the Provisioning Services bootstrap file?

Thomas Berger and I started gathering these questions to build the XenDesktop Design Handbook.  The current release of the Handbook is focused on Operating System, Application and Virtual Desktop delivery design decisions, but this is only a start. Over the coming months, we will continue expanding into different design decision areas commonly discussed in a XenDesktop solution including: virtualization infrastructure and implementation practices. We will discuss the Citrix Consulting Best Practices about these topics and encourage you to submit your related questions .  Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you 

Daniel – Sr. Architect

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