As part of the Citrix Technical Support team, Jacob Salassi is not only a senior escalation engineer, he’s also an appliance technical relationship manager (TRM). Jacob gave us a glimpse into the following sessions he’ll be presenting at Citrix TechEdgeduring Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy 2009: End-to-end virtualization with Citrix Delivery Center, with a focus on Citrix NetScaler, and then his in-depth session will cover Advanced troubleshooting of Citrix NetScaler.

Q. How has NetScaler improved from a support perspective over the past year?

Jacob: With the release of 8.1 and 9.0 we have seen big gains in overall feature sets, UI improvements, and stability improvements. Along with that have come enhancements and additions to logging (TCP logging for example), and the various tools we in support employ to troubleshoot issues. A hotly awaited change in 9.0 was the addition of the ability to use filters in which allows us to capture much smaller sniffs and avoid post-capture filtering while still preserving the entire session and its related packets.

Q. What NetScaler and Citrix Delivery Center tips will attendees learn at your session this year? 

Jacob: My sessions will take an administrator through overall troubleshooting methods and techniques, to a simple XenApp deployment example, and then to troubleshooting that same deployment using the techniques that have been learned.

Q: What NetScaler Tech Tip can you give people now?

Jacob: Always disable unused interfaces on BOTH nodes of an HA pair. It’s common for administrators to forget about the secondary node which may cause HA to behave improperly in the event of a failover.

Q. What new tools or techniques are you using to troubleshoot NetScaler?

Jacob: Having more experience and spending more time using and developing troubleshooting tools has been a huge benefit for me. We now have tools to automate many things we had to do manually in the past, and this really helps our customers provide us with the data we need to resolve their issues.

Q. What types of cases have you worked on this past year? Why?

Jacob: I don’t like the restrict myself to any particular kind of case, and the issues around NetScaler can be of a huge variety. This year some of the stand out issues have been dynamic routing deployments, as well as some very large, exotic, and sensitive deployments where resolving an issue quickly is absolutely a requirement.

About Jacob Salassi

Jacob’s been with Citrix Technical Support for just under two years. His first position at Citrix was as an escalation engineer. He was then promoted to lead escalation engineer, and then to senior escalation engineer where he joined the TRM team. He holds certifications in Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) for NetScaler. When Jacob is not troubleshooting a hot issue, he’s listening to his motorcycle scream around the track at 15,000 RPM.

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