SAP certifies NetScaler v9.0 and Branch Repeater/WANScaler v4.5 solution

On 3/31/2009, SAP certified Citrix NetScaler v9.0 and Citrix Branch Repeater/WANScaler v4.5 as an integral solution to improve the delivery of the SAP applications. For SAP Portal, the Citrix NetScaler & Branch Repeater/WANScaler solution improved response time to clients. For downloads and backend operations from SAP Composite and ERP servers, response time was also improved.

SAP customers have hundreds of branch offices with a mixture of small and large offices, and a global distribution. It is important to have a solution which optimizes, simplifies and accelerates the delivery of the SAP applications. During certification testing it was proven that the NetScaler and Branch Repeater/WANScaler products improve performance of SAP applications through acceleration, provide security through HTTPS connections, and provide reliability & high availability through load balancing.

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