Partners: Receive bonus training when you register for Citrix Summit in Las Vegas, May 3-4
All partners who register for Citrix Summit will receive the Virtualization Starter Pack*, a bundle of self-paced online training courses designed to help you learn more about the latest virtualization solutions. This package features four training courses and seven days of content, with a separate retail value of $6000 USD! This package includes:

  • 2 days of XenDesktop – a $2000 value
  • 2 days of XenServer – a $2000 value
  • 2 days of Provisioning Services – a $2000 value
  • 1 day of Essentials for XenServer training

*Training access will be distributed in July, with vouchers valid through the end of 2009. Partners are entitled to one pack per paid registration. If you’re a salesperson, learn about CCSP 2009 at Summit and give your Virtualization Starter Pack to your most valued technical resource.

Register for Summit between March 25 – May 1 and receive this great value.