Keith McLaughlin, Escalation Engineer
Keith McLaughlin is a Provisioning Server expert on the Citrix Technical Support Escalation team, joining the team when Citrix acquired Ardence about two years ago. Keith filled us in on the two sessions that he’ll present at Citrix TechEdge during Citrix Summit and Synergy 2009: End-to-end virtualization with Citrix Delivery Center, with a focus on Active Directory integration with Provisioning Server, and then his in-depth session will be on Planning and implementing a Provisioning Server high availability (HA) solution.

Q. How has Provisioning Server improved from a support perspective over the past year?
Keith: The biggest improvement this year is the addition of the Streaming Service Logs.  These logs, which came out as part of 5.0 SP1 are extremely helpful in narrowing down the issue.

 Q. What Provisioning Server and Citrix Delivery Center tips will attendees learn at your session this year?
Keith: This year’s session is focused on High Availability. In the session we are going to go over troubleshooting procedures and explain in depth what happens when a Target Device fails over and how to track that failover through the logs files. For the Citrix Delivery Center session, I’ll focus on Active Directory integration with Provisioning Server Standard Image.

Q: What Provisioning Server Tech Tip can you give people now?

Keith: When planning your Provisioning Server deployment, give the Target Devices unique names in the Provisioning Server Console. Do not use the hostname of the machine that is being imaged as the name of the Target Device. This avoids conflicts when booting the Target Device from the Vdisk.

Q. What new tools or techniques are you using to troubleshoot Provisioning Server?

Keith: A year of working with the 5.0 is probably the biggest factor.  5.0 had many improvements over the previous version and many architecture changes.  Also seeing where customers and end users were running into problems and being able to identify the symptoms because of past experiences greatly cuts down on troubleshooting time.

 Q. What types of cases have you worked on this past year? Why?

Keith: As part of the Provisioning Server Escalation group, I have covered a lot of different issues ranging from Active Directory integration to tracking down possible bottlenecks on customers networks that could be causing timeouts on the provisioning server.

 About Keith McLaughlin

Keith’s been with Citrix Technical Support for two years.  He holds certifications in Citrix Certified Administrator, CCA, for Provisioning Server and XenServer. During his free time Keith loves playing the guitar, and his favorite artist is Stevie Ray Vaughan.


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