Are your customers delivering Citrix XenApp applications to branch offices over slow WAN links? Have they run out of funding for bigger and more expensive WAN connections?

Citrix Branch Repeater adaptively orchestrates with XenApp to deliver a “high-definition” branch office experience, drastically improving the XenApp experience for branch office users. Citrix Branch Repeater appliances are deployed at branch offices and accelerate application delivery to distributed branch offices and other remote locations via HDX Broadcast and HDX IntelliCache technology for hosted virtual applications.

HDX Broadcast
Branch Repeater optimizes network utilization by adaptively tuning to real-time network and traffic conditions—delivering a high definition experience to the user regardless of network latencies, bandwidth availability and network reliability.

  • Adaptive TCP Flow Control optimizes the flow of network traffic across multiple connections in a branch by sensing and responding to the network and traffic conditions across the entire branch.
  • Adaptive Compression reduces bandwidth consumption and maximizes application performance by adaptively applying optimal compression techniques based on traffic characteristics, infrastructure capabilities and network conditions.
  • Adaptive Protocol Acceleration provides intelligent acceleration of the ICA protocol by adaptively orchestrating with XenApp, while sensing and responding to the network and traffic conditions.
  • Traffic Prioritization and QoS aligns the network utilization with the business priorities by adaptively allocating network bandwidth to and prioritizing traffic from different applications, including XenApp.

HDX IntelliCache

  • Branch Staging for Streamed Applications – Branch Repeater stages streamed applications locally in the branch, providing all the IT consolidation and management benefits of streaming while also delivering high performance access to the streamed applications in the branch. Whenever the streamed applications are updated or patched in the data center, Branch Repeater transparently updates them locally so branch users will always and quickly get the latest version of the streamed application.
  • Branch Caching for Hosted Applications – Branch Repeater optimizes XenApp delivery across multiple user sessions by locally caching and de-duplicating transmission of commonly accessed data, files and Web pages through hosted applications.

Citrix Branch Repeater with Windows Server adds even more value by providing a complete branch office solution that integrates and consolidates WAN optimization, application acceleration and critical Windows® services (DHCP, DNS, file, print and more) onto a single appliance.

To learn more about optimizing XenApp view the Branch Repeater: Optimize and Accelerate XenApp Delivery.