According to Microsoft, SharePoint Server licenses have topped the $1 billion mark and it is rapidly becoming one of the fast-growing Microsoft products ever released.  Given the long standing relationship between Citrix and Microsoft, it should be of no surprise that Citrix NetScaler and Branch Repeater solutions are geared to support SharePoint.  The Citrix NetScaler team has been working on a specific NetScaler template designed to optimize SharePoint performance.  The Citrix NetScaler SharePoint template simplifies the configuration and implementation of NetScaler in a SharePoint environment to easily obtain the NetScaler performance benefits.  A quick start guide to the SharePoint AppExpert Template for NetScaler is available.  The Branch Repeater team has been working closely with Microsoft to develop the Citrix Branch Repeater for Windows Server, a Windows Server version of the Branch Repeater with the ability to incorporate Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server. 
So great, everyone has been working together on a cohesive solution, but where is the action?  Where are the performance numbers?  We are actually lucky to have two different reports on this exact topic from two different perspectives – Citrix Worldwide Consulting Solutions did one and HP did one.    HP did an analysis of NetScaler 8 and WANScaler  4.3(Using Citrix solutions to increase Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 WAN performance on HP BladeSystem), but the Branch Repeater and NetScaler SharePoint AppExpert template did not exist at the time.  So, the Consulting Solutions team took another pass, using the latest Branch Repeater release and also the AppExpert template for NetScaler 9 to create SharePoint 2007 with Citrix NetScaler and Branch Repeater Performance Assessment. And within our testing, we used a different methodology to allow Administrators to look at things from a different perspective. Between the two reports, Administrators should get a nice broad spectrum of how NetScaler and WANScaler/Branch Repeater improve SharePoint performance. 
The key differences between the HP document and the Citrix document include an evaluation of the CPU utilization benefits associated with offloading the SSL traffic from the SharePoint web servers to the NetScaler.  In addition, the page response time was assessed for the NetScaler and Branch Repeater independently and then also assessed as a combined solution.  With the results from the NetScaler and Branch Repeater combined solution showing a response time improvement of over 84% in some scenarios. 
If you have a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server environment, then you need to read about the performance improvements Citrix can provide shown in the SharePoint 2007 with Citrix NetScaler and Branch Repeater Performance Assessment document.  This document will provide you with all the test data, environment configurations, and test plans used to obtain these remarkable performance improvements.