I’m not sure why, but there’s a ton of speculation in the Blogosphere today about the so-called XenClient from Citrix.. (Apart from the fact that there is nothing called XenClient – it’s Project Independence).

  1. The writer is misinformed. If you want to see a video demo of one particular use case, see here.
  2. It would be foolish to assume anything about the product that Citrix will deliver to market.  For starters, we’re still evaluating key opportunities and putting pieces together to deliver on specific use case scenarios so any presumed intelligence is almost certainly wrong.
  3. If you want to know what we’re actually doing, show up at Synergy, and see for yourself.  There will be more relevant tech and more relevant product to your world than ever before at this event, and a whole lot less marketing BS.  Moreover Geek Speak Live offers a no-holds-barred opportunity for you to challenge presumed experts (including me) on every aspect of our strategy.

Meanwhile, consider this to be nothing more than nonsense anything else you read on the web without thinking.